We've built an ecosystem of complementary cannabis companies. 

Our Portfolio

Green Acre Capital is committed to building an ecosystem of highly complementary cannabis investments. Each portfolio component serves not only to generate return, but to enhance the potential of all others involved. From our experience in Fund I, we've seen the benefits of this approach consistently - a major advantage in an industry as nascent as cannabis.

We are continuing to build our ecosystem in Fund II with new opportunities and verticals as they become viable through regulation. We are confident that the GAC ecosystem will continue to be a significant advantage throughout the deployment of Fund II.

Note that the following is a sample of our current portfolio and is not an exhaustive list of investments:

Sample Portfolio

Ample Organics

Ample Organics is a Toronto-based software company that provides seed-to-sale tracking and production software for a large share of licensed-producer clients. Ample software effectively controls, monitors, and reports on all back end production activity. Visit Ample Organics here.



Leading the way in Nova Scotia and around the world, Aqualitas is an aquaponic cannabis company rooted in science. Aqualitas grows using a proprietary cultivation process developed in association with Finleaf Technologies, Inc., Acadia and Dalhousie Universities. Visit Aqualitas here.


humble & fume

Humble & Fume, a B2B cannabis hardware and accessories distributor, has considerable reach and operating experience across North America. Decades of distribution experience, retail relationships, and growing demand make Humble & Fume a core component of the GAC portfolio. Visit Humble & Fume here.


Green Tank Technologies

Green Tank Technologies is a global leader committed to shaping the industry by developing innovative technologies and new hardware to enhance the overall user experience and forever change the way people vape high-concentrate oils. Visit Green Tank here.



YSS Corp. is a premier Canadian cannabis retailer that operates 17 stores in Alberta and Saskatchewan under the YSS and Sweet Tree brands. Management brings expertise across capital markets, cannabis, retail operations, hospitality, and financial management.


The Friendly Stranger

The Friendly Stranger is a long-standing cannabis culture shop and institution in downtown Toronto. GAC has deployed capital into TFS to scale their reputation for quality and service to a province-wide cannabis retail chain. Visit TFS here.


Leaf Forward

Leaf Forward is a cannabis-focused incubator and accelerator program based in Toronto. LF provides exposure to innovative companies, new cannabis entrepreneurs, and opportunities that GAC typically would not be able to be participate in. Visit Leaf Forward here.


Trait Biosciencs

Trait Biosciences is an emerging cannabis biotechnology company harnessing the best-in-class research scientists in biotechnology and cannabis R&D to change the face of the cannabis industry. Visit Trait Biosciences here.


Tokyo Smoke

Tokyo Smoke, now a part of HIKU Brands, is a cannabis-focused lifestyle brand. Tokyo Smoke has retail locations across Canada selling coffee, cannabis accessories, and clothing. Their brand defines a sophisticated, more informed cannabis experience. Visit Tokyo Smoke here.


Anandia Labs

Anandia Labs is a Health Canada licensed company co-founded by Dr. Jonathan Page, a leading authority on cannabis biochemistry and genomics. Anandia Labs is focused exclusively on cannabis, with the aim of bringing a scientific understanding of the cannabis plant for the benefit of growers and patients. Anandia is now a part of Aurora. Visit Anandia here.